Carl Johan Rehbinder

The Artist:
Calle is an actor, director, storyteller, artist, illustrator, graphic designer, photographer, author – as well as a teacher of many a subject – from theater improvisation and shamanistic techniques to web design, graphic design and art, into love, relationship, sexuality and tantra. In other words – an expert in communication.

In the physical world, interacting with people in groups and through lectures, workshops, and performances, as well as through digital media, through artistic imagery, and words.

Erotic art:
Since the early 1980’s, Calle has created artistic imagery and writings with a sexual context, publishing erotic photography, paintings, short stories, articles and theater, more or less influenced by his constant interest in the most intimate aspect of the human being – sex, love and relationships. Since 1999, Calle has been running the website Cirkus Eros, one of the most popular and appreciated erotic websites in Sweden.

Cirkus Eros is a large site, with articles, short stories, photo and art galleries, link pages, Q&A, and much, much more.
Cirkus Eros is also the most important marketing place for Calle’s and Jennie’s (Swedish) workshops – here you can find all the information you need.

The blogger:
Since 2007, Calle is also blogging, at his popular blog TantraBlog, a place where Calle writes from a tantric perspective, of course, but in a wider sense – the themes are Love, Sex, Culture and Politics. Lots of politics, in fact. TantraBlog
Unfortunately for those who does not read Swedish, most of Calle’s sites are in Swedish.

The author:
In 2008, an established Swedish publishing company (Lind & Co) published a highly appreciated book with a large collection of erotic short stories, written by Calle Rehbinder – “Cirkus Eros och andra erotiska berättelser”.

Calle and Jennie has now begun writing a book about their teaching of love, relationship, sprituality and sex.

Master of Ceremonies:
Calle studied and practiced spiritual disciplines within the Indian bhakti yoga tradition in the early 1980’s, proceeding to shamanic teachings, coming to Scandinavian paganism in the 1990’s, wherein he is very active, and still a leading personality in Sweden – for three years Calle was the chairman of the largest pagan organisation in Sweden – Sveriges Asatrosamfund (The Swedish Asatru Assembly).

This has evolved into a strong interest in the psychological and spiritual results of ceremonial work. Calle has an eclectic attitude, and mixes input from different traditions, in creating his own weddings, funerals, love rituals, opening and closing ceremonies for festivals and similar public happenings – and other, more intimate, magic ceremonies as well.
Calle holds ceremonies

Calle has also studied different spiritual-sexual practices for many years, such as tantra, tao, chuluquai quodoushka and other sacred erotic practices, exploring different aspects of ancient pagan sex rituals since 1998. Calle is also an active practitioner of tantric techniques and philosophy since 2001.

Workshops, lectures and coaching:
The most important part of Calle’s work today is undoubtedly the teaching. The workshops about Love, Relationship, Sex, Tantra – how to live, breathe, play, touch and exist, in total presence.

With a little push from his friend Ylva Franzén, the most respected and well-known sex educator in Sweden, Calle started a men’s workshop in sex, love and relationship in 2003.

Very soon after that, Calle’s wife Jennie came into the teaching, and since 2004 they teach together, first of all through their love workshops. Now Calle and Jennie has arranged more than 400 tantric love workshops of many different sorts, with hundreds and hundreds of participants – and the response is always amazingly positive.

Calle is a very appreciated teacher, which ever subject he gets into teaching. With his enormous curiosity and ability to learn, and his storyteller skill to pass it on, combined with a large sense of humour, warmth and feeling for people, and dedication to the subject, you will not remain unmoved by him.