Jennie Rehbinder

The Artist:
Jennie Rehbinder is a professional photographer. For three years she worked as an assistant to Walter Hirsch, one of Sweden’s most renowned photographers, famous for his strongly emotional erotic and nude photos.

Jennie works in many fields, but her greatest passion is portraiting people. Jennie has also explored the vast field of erotic imagery. You can see some of her work at Jennie’s Photo Gallery.

The Ceremony Master:
Already in her early youth, Jennie has been engaging in meditation, yoga and other spiritual disciplines, exploring different paths to personal development and inner growth. Being a staunch non-sectarian, Jennie never joined any religious group, but rather stuck to her eclectic search for truth and substance.

Through Jennie’s relationship with Calle (they met and became a couple in 2001, married 2003), Jennie also came into shamanistic practices and Scandinavian paganism, and both together with Calle and on her own she has arranged numerous ceremonies – blot ceremonies, a wedding, magic seid and other rituals.

Together Jennie and Calle have explored the varied aspects of sexual magic and the practice of tantric techniques and philosophy, developing new ceremonies and rituals, something they also practice and teach in their workshops.

The Physiotherapist:
Jennie also works as a physiotherapist, with an education in the very soft and subtle massage technique Tactile Stimulation.

Jennie is also accomplished in tantric massage. Together with Calle, Jennie teaches tantric massage in their workshops.

The Workshop Leader:
Jennie has also studied for, and worked with Ylva Franzén, the most respected and well-known sex educator of Sweden, and she has studied and practiced different sexual techniques for many years, such as tantric philosophy since 2001. Barbara Carrellas is a very important teacher, friend and source of inspiration.

Since 2004 Jennie also teaches about sex, love and relationships, together with her husband Calle Rehbinder, primarily through their workshops, but also through coaching and writing.

Jennie is a very appreciated sex and relationship teacher, most of all for her generousness and natural ability to share her own experiences in complete openness, as well as for her skill to create a space filled with beauty, comfort and safety.