Media coverage

For many years, long before Calle & Jennie started presenting their workshops, they appeared in Scandinavian media – newspapers, magazines, TV and radio. For their artistic work, and for many other reasons. On this page you can see some examples of the media coverage Calle & Jennie have recieved during the years, connected with their work around love, sex and relationships.

November 2012 – TV3
In a very entertaining and positive TV show about sex – “69 saker du vill veta om sex” (69 things you want to know about sex) – Calle teaches the main character different exercises to get better orgasms, stronger presence and more pleasure. We did eyegazing, pevic movements, breathing and appreciation games. Lots of fun, and highly appreciated.

November 2012 – TV3
In quite a short clip (2,5 minutes), but as the only balance, Calle was interviewed about sex addiction, in a speculative documentary about the phenomena.

September 2012 – Amelia
In two pages of this bi-weekly women’s magazine (the largest selling in Sweden) Jennie got to tell about how to breathe into an energy orgasm, and how you can expand your sexual pleasure just by breathing. Not bad at all.

August 2012 – DN Söndag
Dagens Nyheter is one of the largest newspapers in Sweden, and in a five page feature article, plus full cover, we got about half of the text, about modern sex education in our time.

August 2012 – Unter fremden Decken
A German TV production company had seen the show featuring us in November 2011, and wanted to do something similar. So in August 2012 we participated in this TV show that aired all over Germany.

June 2012 – Lust; Martinshop
Jennie became the cover girl for a combined magazine/brochure for a sex toy merchandise, and also gave a lot of advice and ideas on how to have better orgasms, and many other things. This was the start of a larger project, wherein Jennie, me and two more are working as an expert panel, answering questions from readers. And we will be featured both on the net and in each issue of their brochure.

November 2011 – Kanal 5
For many years, in Swedish television, there is one very popular show about sex and relationships – “Fråga Olle-dokumentären”. One of the shows was about tantra workshops and sex education, and of course we hade a large portion of that program!

October 2011 – Radio P4
For about 15 minutes, Calle was interviewed in a popular radio show about our theory “The 9 Languages of Love”, something that obviously has aroused some curiosity here and there.

June 2011 – Radio 1 – Aschberg
A friend of Calle’s, Camilla Lindberg, who also happens to be an ex-member of the Swedish Parliament, was invited to the very popular radio show host Robert Aschberg, to talk about a very strange prostitution law we have in Sweden. She could bring anyone with her to the studio, so she called Calle – and they had quite a lot of fun for two hours on the air, bashing stupid sex laws…

April 2011 – Amelia
A journalist for a very popular ladie’s magazine, Amelia, attended our weekend workshop for couples, which resulted in a very nice and positive article about us in the magazine.

March 2011 – Nakendiscot
Karin Isberg is a consultant who wrote a book about her own divorce, and her struggle to find herself as an individual. One of the components in her personal journey was to attend one of our workshops, which resulted in us turning up in her book, where we are described and quoted several times.

January 2011 – Newsmill
Newsmill is a political debate forum, wherein all kinds of people can publish articles about political issues – from amateur activists to government ministers. Calle has been published there several times, this time with an article about Swedish prostitution legislation, from the sex worker’s perspective.
Here’s the article: Varför bryr sig ingen om sexarbetarna?

January 2011 – Leva Magazine
An article about sex, love and relationshops, and we are interviewed. Calle also provided photos for the article.

January 2011 – Newsmill
Another of Calle’s articles for the political news website, which is positive towards pornography – first of all as a protest against puritanistic, sex neurotic moralists. Hence the provocative theme – “Pornography is liberating and good for you!”
Here’s the article: Porr är befriande och nyttigt!

December 2010 – SvD
In one of the biggest morning papers in Sweden, Calle participated in writing another political article protesting against Swedish prostitution laws, that really only harms the sex workers. Calle wrote it together with a group of liberal political activists – Camilla Lindberg, Alexander Bard, Helena von Schantz and Malin Westberg.
Here’s the article: EU säger nej tack till svensk morallag

November 2010 – Trekant, NRK
We were invited to participate in a TV show in NRK, Norwegian national TV. We arranged a mini-workshop for one of the main characters in the show, teaching her tantric breathing towards an energy orgasm.

June 2010 – Radio P3 News
Calle was interviewed in national radio, about love, sex and relationships, and also got a chance to share some good advice for a better lovelife.

February 2010 – TV8
Robert Aschberg is one of the most popular radio and TV show hosts in Sweden, and Calle was invited to one of his shows to debate sex education in schools. His opponents were severely moralistic, christian politicians. They didn’t do to well…

February 2010 – Sveriges Radio P1
Calle participated in a radio debate, about amateur porn on the Internet.

February 2010 – TV4
Calle participated in a popular family TV show, as an artist – body painting a woman very decoratively.

July 2009 – Aftonbladet
Calle was interviewed by one of the biggest national newspapers, and gave five good ways to have a better lovelife.

July 2009 – Expressen TV
As participating teachers and workshop leaders at the yearly Sexsibility Festival, we were featured in a web TV show about the festival, the larger part about a body painting workshop, facilitated by Calle.

July 2009 – Expressen
An article in the biggest newspaper in Sweden. about our workshops for singles and couples, featuring a lesbian couple.
Here’s the article: Emilia och Carolin testade nakendans

March 2009 – Vecko-Revyn
A huge photo assignment for the most popular bi-weekly magazine for young women – about pussies. Calle got the job to shoot more than 20 women’s vaginas. He truly has the best work in the world…

March 2009 – Aftonbladet
Calle provided large photos for an article in a large newspaper about amateur porn – people who show their private sex pictures on the Internet.
Here’s the article: Vi visar vår sexliv på nätet

March 2009 – Newsmill
A political debate article by Calle, about amateur “home-porn”, being the new sexual revolution.
Here’s the article: Hemma-porren är den nya sexuella revolutionen

December 2008 – SvT
In a very special TV show, hosted by three strictly religious muslim girls, Calle was interviewed about sexual morality.

October 2008 – Expressen
[more descriptions will come]

August 2008 – CUPIDO
[more descriptions will come]

August 2008 – Expressen
[more descriptions will come]

July 2008 – Expressen
[more descriptions will come]

May 2008 – CUPIDO
[more descriptions will come]

April 2008 – SvT Opinion, SvT Debatt
Because of a very sex-negative article in the biggest Swedish newspaper Expressen, written by a fanatic christian woman, I was assigned to write a reply in the web magazine SvT Opinion, directly connected with Swedish National TV – which also meant that I was invited to a big debate in the TV show SvT Debatt.

April 2008 – Sexuellt, ZTV
In a Swedish TV show called Sexuellt, in the youth-oriented channel ZTV, Calle & Jennie was visited in their home. They were interviewed, they gave coaching, and had some dancing with african djembe drum together with the TV crew. Not very deep, but quite entertaining.

March 2008 – Insider, TV3

Because of a campaign around women’s right to be bare-chested in communal baths, Calle is invited to a TV debate along with 3 politicians from different parties. Mostly because Calle had written a blog post around the subject. It was a short but intense debate. Yes, Calle was of course on the liberal side, claiming that if the men can be bare chested, that has to be allowed for women as well, if they want to.

July 2007 –

Because of our new workshop for both singles and couples, Kärlek, Liv & Lust, the famous (in Sweden) media personality Ylva-Maria Thompson interviewed Jennie.

Autumn 2006, and february 2007 – Kanal Lokal
At three occasions in 2006, and one in february 2007, Carl was invited to participate in Kanal Lokal, a local TV channel in Stockholm, to talk about sex.

July 2006 – Expressen
In Expressen, the biggest newspaper in Sweden, Jennie was asked to reply to another article about sex in nature, and got a whole page.

See Jennie’s article in Expressen! Expressen 060721

May 2006 – SvT Debatt (National TV Network)
In May 2006, Calle was participating (as a sex-liberal, of course) in a TV debate on our biggest national TV channel. The debate concerned an investigation about the sexual habits of young people in Sweden today.

April 2006 – Big Brother, TV 5
In April 2006, Carl was invited to participate in the Sunday edition of Swedish Big Brother, together with a Norwegian sexologist, to comment on the amount of sex that had showed up on screen this season.

February 2006 – TV 4
A 60 minute feature on national TV, about three different varieties of Sex & Love workshops, wherein we were one. This particular program has been re-run several times.

December 2005 – IVAN
A typical “Men’s magazine”, with cars, girls and other “boy stuff” – and we provided a sex advice column. Or rather, a couple of pages. And besides that, Jennie shot a series of pictures of a hot dancer girl for the magazine. Unfortunately, someone at the publishing company pulled the plug on this magazine, so we didn’t get a career there. But then, noone did…

November 2005 – Amelia Magazine
Jennie gives advice on how to spice things up in a relationship, and also instructed at the photosession, making the pictures for the article.

October 2005 – Tara Magazine
The magazine celebrated it’s 5th anniversary, and featured a theme –”All good things are 5″. This meant a huge bundle of short lists – 5 books you have to read, 5 places to see before you die, etc. Our contribution was “5 good seduction tricks for good sex”, and “5 good excuses for not having sex”.

September-October 2005 – Expressen Hallå!
A journalist and her partner participated in our workshop, which resulted in three articles in a row (one article for each day of the workshop), in a weekend edition of Expressen, the biggest Newpaper in Sweden. Very good for our business…

September 2005 – Aftonbladet
In an article in Aftonbladet, the second biggest newspaper in Sweden, spicy rumours were told about a TV-show abut sex workshops, and of course we were featured in the article, since we participated in the TV-show…

August 2005 – Expressen Hallå!
How to have sex for hours…!
An interview with Carl & Jennie in the weekend edition of Expressen, the biggest Newpaper in Sweden, about Kama Sutra. We give a lot of advice on good sex, and give grades on a series of sex postures.
Oh, the things we do for love – and to get media coverage… 🙂

April & June 2005 – GirlsCorner & Spray Erotik
Another interview, featured in two web magazines – SpraySex and, this time with an extremely enthusiastic couple, Annika & Knutte, that has attended one of our love workshops for couples.

The interview lasted for a long time, but our journalist hardly ever got a single word into the interview. One question, and then a waterfall of words from the couple. No stopping.

June 2005 – Restauratören
In a magazine for the hotel and restaurant business, Carl was interviewed about prejudice, ignorance, double standards and moralistic ideas around pornography.

May 2005 – Expressen Magasinet
In Expressen Magasinet, a weekend adition of Expressen, the biggest Newpaper in Sweden, Carl gave some advice for those who wants to make sexy home movies.

April 2005 – Aftonbladet Söndag
In an article in the Sunday edition of Aftonbladet, the 2nd biggest newspaper in Sweden, Carl was interviewed about polyamory.

March 2005 – Radio Stella
In connection to an Erotic Convention in Munka-Ljungby, in Southern Sweden, Carl was interviewed by a local radio station.

October 2004 – Amelia Magazine
In this issue of Amelia Magazine, the theme was nudity, and in one part there was some articles about people who handles nudity as a part of their job, such as a massage therapist, a worker at a nudist camping, a Brazilian waxer – and of course Jennie, being the sex teacher.

July 2004 – Expressen Magasinet
In Expressen Magasinet, a weekend adition of Expressen, the biggest Newpaper in Sweden, Carl’s erotic website Cirkus Eros was recommended by Katerina Janouch, a journalist that practically never ever recommends websites in her articles – but she made an exception for Cirkus Eros.

July 2004 – GirlsCorner & SpraySex
Carl & Jennie in a long interview just before their first love workshop for couples.
Very exciting!

December 2003 – SvT
In Swedish National Television, Jennie was featured in a double-portrait, in a row of 12 programs with different themes, such as Work, Freedom, Health, Dreams and so forth. Jennie was part of this in the role of a nude art photographer, under the theme Passion (Lust).

December 2003 – Veckans NU! & Aftonbladet

In the summer of 2003, Carl was contacted to co-produce a photographic project with body-painted celebrities. We managed to finish one of our ideas, which was one girl painted as a pin-up Santa Claus.
The pictures were made for the gossip magazine Veckans NU!, but the newspaper Aftonbladet also published the pictures.
See more on Carl’s body painting website BodyArt!

October 2003 – Expressen Magasinet
In Expressen Magasinet, a weekend adition of Expressen, the biggest Newpaper in Sweden, Jennie and a couple of other women were interviewed about their orgasms, how they function and how they feel.

March 2003 – TV 3
In March 2003 Carl and Jennie were guests in Hannah, a talkshow with tantra as the theme of the day. Carl and Jennie were interviewed, and also featured in a short documentary going to Johan Ekenberg, a collegue of ours, to have a mini workshop in tantra, just for us.

January 2003 – TV 3
Carl was invited to the panel of DISKUTABELT, a very popular talkshow with the host Robert Aschberg, to discuss pornography and erotica, of course from a liberal/positive perspective. Carl got into som hot debate, and it was fun, and good entertainment, as always.

Since the beginning of the 1990’s, the Norwegian erotic magazine Cupido (also produced in Denmark, and for a short period in Sweden) published a substantial amount of short stories by Carl.
A number of other magazines, such as Lek, Kvinnors Affärer, m.fl. have also published his articles, as well as interviews.
One short story made it to national radio, in 1993, where Carl also has been interviewed at many occasions.
In 1999, Cirkus Eros entered the web scene – Carl’s website for erotic imagery, articles and short stories. It has grown substantially through the years, and today Cirkus Eros attracts around 4.500 visitors every day.

Carl & Jennie in Expressen 2005