For singulars

Wait – don’t you mean singles? No, we deliberately chose the word “singular”, because the difference between our workshops for couples and for singulars is that these workshops are not specifically couple oriented. They are open for everyone, regardless of relationship status, age, gender, sexual orientation, cultural background, skin color, eye color, foot size – or any other possible variation.

These workshops are not couple oriented, but people in couples are of course equally welcome. However, we don’t focus on the monogamous couple relation – we focus on the individual, the singular, every each and one, and explore our relationship to ourselves first of all – what do I want, what turns me on, what turns me off, what do I want, what do I not want, and how do I envision living my life?

One of our most popular workshops for singular persons is “Kärlek, Liv & Lust” (Love, Life & Passion), which have evolved into our new workshop that we call “TantraLila” (playful tantra). This is a very dynamic, practical and exciting workshop with a strong focus on practical application, rather than intellectual theory.

In four days we play, dance, breathe, move, touch, sound – an intense exploration for each participant, to find out what you want, what you don’t want, where are your boundries, where do you want them, and what is really the purpose of your life?

First of all, we have a lot of fun, and we experience incredible amounts of pleasure, dynamic meetings with other people – and we break a lot of boundries, which means that the participants become much more alive, glowing and radiating with passion and life. Coming close to what you fear, looking your own demons in the eye with a smile, can be more than liberating.

This can truly be a revolution – of Love.

“But don’t you have ANY workshops for us who just can’t undress in front of others, us who prefer to stay clothed? I don’t want to dance naked in a room full of people! But I do want to learn more about my sexuality.”

Oh yes, we have YONI – this is a more theoretical workshop for women, led by Jennie. For a day, or a whole weekend, Jennie creates a women’s circle, in which everything can be shared – from emotional stories to theoretical knowledge. But also exercises, such as Jennies own “Vulva meditation”, breathing, dancing and many other features.

And there is also the men’s workshop led by Calle – “Mandom, Mod & Morske Män” (comes from a very old Swedish poem, meaning something like “Manhood, Courage and Bold Men”), which also keeps the whole thing on a more modest, theoretical level (yes, you can keep your clothes on).

It can be surprisingly liberating for a group of men men, or a group of women, to sit in a circle and talk about sex and relationship, to do breathing exercises, to share on intimate details about our own lives – not to mention getting detailed instructions on how to expand and deepen the power of orgasm…

We also give lectures, such as our talks about our own theory about communicating love, which we call “The 9 Languages of Love”, as well as shorter workshops with a more theoretical focus.

We can design a workshop that suits the special demands for your particular group. We can make a special workshop for gay men or women, or we can make an all-clothed dynamic workshop for groups who find it intolerable to undress.

We have so much to offer, and we can combine a few subjects into the perfect workshop for your group. Anytime. Just call us. And check our schedule.

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.
– T.S. Eliot