Our workshops are loved by many. We get the most amazing response from previous workshop participants, and many return for more – and more, and more. Here’s a very small selection of all the fantastic letters people send to us.

Dear Jennie & Calle!

Thank you for five glorious days together with you. It became an exciting journey for both body and soul, into the core of our relationship, our love and sexuality. We learned a lot about ourselves and each other.
As workshop leaders, you have our total admiration. Your generosity in sharing from yourselves is simply fantastic. With knowledge, wisdom, humour, warmth and respect for each individual, you invited us into realms that previously was taboo, but now became completely natural and playful, just saying yes to life.
We also want to thank our hosts for their wonderful hospitality. We didn’t feel like guests at the castle – rather like good friends in your home

K & L, Livets Goda, October 2007

We have had a ceremony in our home, on a mattress by our fireplace, with candlelight, drinking the wine, eating the chocolates and playing with the sex toys we recieved in the welcome package in our room at the chateau. We hade a lovely time, and we reviewed the workshop.

This is what we think:

The days at the chateau were like nothing we ever experienced before. We felt completely free, alive and safe with you, and with the rest of the group. Our stay at the chateau, as well as the workshop, spoke to and opened all our senses.
You led us from the Divine Pleasure to the Good Life in an astonishing way.

We also want to thank for all the good food, pleasant daytrips and wonderful hospitality.

Many greetings and thanks to you both for a fantastic workshop!

We immediately sign up for a continuance course next year!

B & L, Livets Goda, October 2007

A thousand thanks for five very pleasant, rewarding and inspiring days in Bordeaux!

We are very pleased with the workshop. The place is wonderful, with all the beautiful vineyards around. Our room and the food were excellent!
We found the course to be very developing. You are very good at building a safe space, to get everyone into a good mood.
We especially favoured the sensual full body massage, the blind game, the erotic fiest, the tantric exercises and the love gift.

For us, all these exercises and playful games gave us the opportunity to test our limits, which was very exciting! The mix between exercises and excursions was perfect.

And now we will of course want to sign up for Livets Goda, part II, in August 2008.
We look forward to more time in Paradise…

Many hugs and greetings!

S & E, Livets Goda, October 2007

Thank you for a fantastic course!

After the workshop, in our minds we have often gone back to the wonderful days at the chateau, where we were removed from our everyday life into a completely different world of exquisite pleasure!

You truly succeeded in the art of drawing out the “animal” in us.
Somehow it feels as if we can define our life as in “Before and After Livets Goda”. For us, the workshop has brought us much closer to each other. We have crossed borders together, and we feel that it works very well for us.

The workshop has definitely moved our lovelife to an entirely new level compared to before.

Such amounts of pleasure, together with other educated and happy people, is a great thing, which we definitely would like to experience many more times, so we sign up for the next workshop right away, here and now!

At the workshop, we also connected wit a lot of new friends, who has the same desire as we do – to bring the pleasure of love-making to a higher dimension. Some of them we hope to meet as friends after the workshop.

Big hugs, and many thanks to you!

A-H & M, Livets Goda, April 2007

We want to thank you for a fantastic course, with memorable and amazing experiences during your Life-enjoyer-workshop!

Still 2 weeks after coming home, we feel the warmth and positive vibrations from the workshop, and the lovely company of all the other participants. And of course you two, together with our hosts at the chateau, who showed us every imaginable kind of hospitality.

Already after attending the first workshop, Gudomlig Njutning in Stockholm, we agreed with other participants that there should be a sequel, a next level, preferably in a beautiful and sensual place in the Southern France.
And with this workshop, you have fulfilled, even surpassed all our expectations on such a workshop.

What made this particular workshop into a positive experience:

You created a safe and positive athmosphere within the group, which in turn created the required conditions for a sensual and erotic mood
Exciting games and excercises that gave us the opportunities we needed to explore our borders and limitations
A perfect combination of theory and practical excercises
Wonderful cooking
Qi Gong is a great way to start the day
A fantastic environment, encouraging for love and sensuality.

A follow-up workshop during summer 2008 would be something to look forward to! We sign on immediately!!!

Warm and loving greetings!

A & H, Livets Goda, May 2007

The Love Thermometer displayed intense heat during these fantastic days and nights at the chateau. The two of you have the wonderful ability to tear down walls, open up senses and create great athmospheres.

When love, tenderness, warmth, intimity and erotic feelings all mix, undisturbed, in a multitude of giving and recieving, then – damn – strong vibrations appears!

One of the true advantages of this “Boarding School of Love” lies in the closeness between all participants. No sudden breaking of the mood, one activity flows gently into the next. We see it as completely unique, to be able to enjoy loving intimacy, not only between ourselves, but also a feeling of openness towards other workshop attendants.

Add us to your list for a next workshop at the chateau.

A & B, Livets Goda, April 2007