Schedule – workshops & other events

For the time being, we have no planned workshops in English. Most of our workshops are presented in the Swedish language, for Swedish speaking workshop participants only – also the workshops we give in Norway and France (most Norwegians and Danes understand Swedish). Therefore we generally feature very few workshops in English. We do give workshops, lectures and coaching in English, but mostly at festivals, and we have no longer workshops scheduled.

However, we are constantly open for suggestions. If you feel that it would be a great thing to have us give a workshop at your yoga place, your tantra festival, or your workshop center, feel free to contact us for further discussions.

If you want to know more about our workshops that we are featuring in the Swedish language, please visit our Swedish web site Cirkus Eros, and go to the page Kurser, or the schedule page Kalendarium. There you can get a lot of information, and also dates. That will also give you a better picture of the actual amount of workshops, lectures and coaching we present, and the great variety.

On our erotic website Cirkus Eros, you can also find a part which is presented in English, where you can read more.